My name is Les Hearn.

I love science and I love explaining science. That’s why I taught Chemistry and Physics for many years, and also wrote a sort of popular science column for Socialist Organiser and, more recently, for Solidarity (Alliance for Workers’ Liberty). Now retired, I am volunteering with the Cochrane Collaboration, helping to assess evidence for treatments for pain.

I don’t have a political slant to my science writing, believing that the facts, however inconvenient, are the facts. And when the facts change, I change my mind ( as JM Keynes said). I am interested in lots of things so there won’t be a preponderance of a particular topic.

Anything I write here is public. All I ask is acknowledgement if my writings have been useful to you.

I am also a freelance proofreader and editor, specialising in science, including papers written in English by non-native speakers.


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